Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus:

It is our lifeline inside a burning structure. Other than our gear, it is the one tool we use on every fire. For this reason, we must be extra comfortable and confident with its operation. Too often, we take for granted its operation and functionality, and rarely do we focus training solely on its use. Typically, SCBA training is incorporated into live fire evolutions, hose movement drills, or functional skill sets such as forcible entry or ventilation.


  • List conditions requiring respiratory protection
  • Explain ways that smoke harms the body
  • Describe the effects of oxygen deficiency and toxic gases on the human body
  • List the legal requirement(s) for use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • Describe the limitations of SCBA
  • Identify the physical requirements of an individual wearing an SCBA
  • Describe methods for conserving air at the emergency scene
  • Identify the common types of SCBA used in the fire service
  • Name the components of the SCBA used in the fire service
  • Given a specific piece of equipment, list and describe various tools as well as inspection and cleaning methods used to return the equipment back to service
  • Given manufacturer recommendations, departmental guidelines, tools, and cleaning materials, demonstrate the ability to properly clean, inspect, and service tools and equipment.
  • Identify the donning procedures for an SCBA
  • Demonstrate the ability to don an SCBA and activate the system within 1 minute
  • Identify the proper uses of SCBA
  • Demonstrate proper breathing techniques while wearing an SCBA.
  • Demonstrate the ability to maneuver through restricted passages while wearing an SCBA.
  • List the five steps that can lead to an organized rapid escape.
  • List the three steps that should be taken when entrapment occurs.
  • Explain emergency procedures that responders take when an air supply is depleted.
  • Given a situation and specified SCBA malfunction, list self-preservation, and emergency actions.
  • Given a situation involving a specified SCBA malfunction, demonstrate selfpreservation, and emergency actions.
  • Demonstrate rescue techniques for locating and removing a downed firefighter with a functioning SCBA.
  • Demonstrate rescue techniques for locating and removing a downed firefighter with a malfunctioning SCBA.
  • List and describe proper use of cleaning solvents.
  • Describe the proper manufacturer’s or department’s procedures for tool and equipment cleaning.
  • Demonstrate proper exchange of an SCBA air cylinder.
  • Demonstrate air conservation techniques