NAFFCO was founded in Dubai, UAE to become the world's leading producer and supplier of life safety solutions since 1991. By recognizing the importance and convenience of having easy access to multiple safety services, it became specialized by offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, addressable emergency systems, security systems, custom-made vehicle such as fire trucks, ambulances, mobile hospitals and airport rescue firefighting vehicles (ARFF).

NAFFCO provides training courses on a diverse range of subjects and will equip the learner with the skills and knowledge required for jobs in the fire service and healthcare industry. The company is a recognized authority in the fire fighting and emergency response services throughout Dubai and the Middle East.


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global nonprofit organization, established in 1896, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards.

Founded in 1896, NFPA delivers information and knowledge through more than 300 consensus codes and standards, research, training, education, outreach and advocacy; and by partnering with others who share an interest in furthering its mission. NFPA membership totals more than 60,000 individuals around the world. NFPA offers a host of training opportunities including our annual Conference & Expo, seminars, webinars, online learning, and certifications.


The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)TM was established in 1950 and incorporated as an independent organization in 1971. It is the professional society representing those practicing the field of fire protection engineering. The Society has over 4,400 members, 71 regional and local chapters, and 16 student chapters worldwide The purpose of SFPE is to advance the science and practice of fire protection engineering and its allied fields, to maintain a high ethical standard among its members and to foster fire protection engineering education.


On November 22, 1905, three specialty contractors met in St. Louis, MO, to establish the National Automatic Sprinkler Contractors Association. In doing so, John Moore of the General Fire Extinguisher Company, W. G. Allen of Niagara Sprinkler Company, and George M. Myers of Standard Fire Extinguishing Company became the founding fathers of what is today the National Fire Sprinkler Association. In 1999 the NFSA formed the International Fire Sprinkler Association (IFSA) as a separate organization to encourage the use of fire sprinkler systems around the world. With NFSA providing the administrative services, the IFSA served as amechanism to help establish and fund the early growth of other national and regional organizations to promote the fire sprinkler concept. The European Fire Sprinkler Network (EFSN) and the AssociaçãoBrasileira de Sprinklers (ABSpk) of Brazil areamong the organizations founded with IFSA assistance. In 2005 NFSA celebrated its 100th anniversary with an Annual Seminar in New York City. "To protect lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept" is NFSA’s Mission Statement.